Green Philosophy

Cascina Faletta is also a jewel of technology, often cited as a model of an eco-sustainable facility. A perfectly achieved example of how green building criteria can be put to the service of the past, preserving its prestige and beauty, The architectural and energy design choices were, in fact, based upon maintaining the historic characteristics of the building using natural materials and cutting-edge technologies. All solutions that Giovanni, an expert in the field, loves to describe proudly to his guests.

Particularly worthy of note is the heating system created with special floor, wall and ceiling panels with low thermal inertia. It is used for both winter heating and summer cooling. During the summer, it is integrated by experimental dehumidifiers with a patented phase change solution to accumulate latent energy. Thermal energy for ambient comfort is generated by a pair of heat pumps: one geothermal and one areothermal. Their heat consumption is the same as the production of the existing photovoltaic plant for an energy balance that leads to almost zero CO2 emissions, making Cascina Faletta an excellent green facility.