We serve goodness, elegance and courteousness.
In a dish, our mission.

Philosophy in cuisine

Create, innovate and experiment, in respect of tradition. This is the philosophy of the Faletta 1881 restaurant. The dishes on offer are all created using ingredients that have built, and continue to build, the gastronomic history of this extraordinary land, Piedmont, but they are reinterpreted in their preparation, geometries and presentation. Elena and Giovanni are also not content with simply offering local cuisine. They are intent upon seeking and meeting the best producers in the area to discover, thanks to their experience, the typical features and potential of each individual product, from the flour for the bread to the cheeses and cold meats…

Every ingredient is carefully selected to guarantee that guests enjoy an unforgettable sensorial experience. The restaurant has a charming open kitchen, allowing guests to see the chef, Paolo Viviani, with his staff, at work. Here, too, as in every other inch of the estate, the atmosphere is elegant yet, at the same time, friendly, because the essential ingredient, which must never be missing, is the pleasure in feeling comfortable.



Creamed codfish, lentils and black crackers


Soft egg, bread sauce and ricotta cheese with dried fruit


Fassona tartare with hazelnut and Roccaverano cheese


Veal tongue with marsala and green sauce


Tuna veal with radish and sweet and sour red onion


€ 16 per portion



Complete tasting of starters served in the center of the table for all diners. € 30 per person



Tajarin with piedmontese white ragù


Stir-fried rice with porcini mushroom and leek sauce


Potatoes gnocchi with raschera cheese, beetroot and licorice


€ 16 per portion



Cod fillet, purple cabbage and anchovy cream


Fassona cheek, pumpkin puree, Barbera sauce and licorice


Pork belly with cauliflower and orange sauce


€ 22 per portion



Amaretti bunet with strawberry grape ice cream


Nougat parfait, persimmon sauce


Chestnut, plum and chocolate mousse


€ 8

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