Our wines

Elena and Giovanni continue, tenaciously and passionately, the project begun by their grandparents… It was precisely their ancestors who worked the surrounding lands from the 1920s. Indigenous and international vines now produce whites, reds and sparkling wines obtained with the Classic Method. Every label has its history, starting with the logo with 3 crossed rifles. This choice was the result of an extraordinary discovery: during the renovation, three rifles were found in a dark and hidden room. They were 91 Carcano models, still loaded with 6.5 calibre ammunition, wrapped in the pages of the newspaper Uomo Qualunque (Common Man’s Front), the publication of the homonymous Movement founded by Guglielmo Giannini, dated First of January 1947.

Still today, there is mystery surrounding how these weapons came to be found at Cascina. A mystery that seduces and fascinates to the point that the Pinot Nero was named precisely that, 3 Fucili (3 Rifles). The Rosso di Rosso, Primo Bianco and Braja also have on their labels a copy of the historic newspaper. The sparkling wine, the Marchesa Virginia, on the other hand, is in homage to the woman thought to be the Estate’s first owner. Then there is the Myricae white wine, named as such because the homonymous and very famous collection of poems by Giovanni Pascoli tells of life in the fields. The wines can be purchased directly from Cascina Faletta and the cosy room alongside the wine cellar is available for anybody wanting to taste them.