Cascina Faletta since 1881 - watch the video

Charm and mystery. It is not known for sure, but it is thought that Cascina Faletta was built in 1881. This is suggested by the original ceramic plaque which bears that date, still fixed to the entrance gate. This first element announces the precise intention of the owners, Elena Novarino and Giovanni Rosso: to preserve the traces of the past. A meticulous renovation, for example, has given new life to the original floors and ceilings. Even the items of furniture, individually selected by Elena, are vintage. Recovery, as a modus operandi, is testimony to the owners’ respect for Faletta’s soul. A location that is strongly marked by its history, by the characters who have inhabited it over time, such as Marchesa Virginia, thought to be its first owner.

A location surrounded by vineyards: one document certifies that in as early as 1957 Faletta was awarded 500,000 Lire for being considered a winery of excellence. Now, like then, the journey into the extraordinary world of wine continues. And, as it should be, every bottle is testimony to the past. Visit the Wines page to discover why. You will also find interesting stories in the sections on agritourism and the restaurant. Their love and deep respect for the past has not prevented the owners, Elena and Giovanni, from equipping Cascina Faletta with the most modern technologies. The crowning glory is the home automation system which intelligently manages and regulates all of the location’s devices, from the lights to the air conditioning.